Beach House

Luxury Villa by the sea

Luxury Villa by the sea. The structure is carried out entirely in stone, due to the limited building capacity of the lot. Building regulations and the shape of the property resulted in a two-level building, with a basement accommodating additional uses. A perforated metal door gives acces to a paved courtyard, where greenery alternates with water features. The water surface contributes to an improved micro climate and the surrounding sculptural marble elements obstruct the view from the raised street, securing privacy. The ground level layout is structured in two separate wings, joined at the main entrance. An oversized pivoting wooden door reveals a patio, followed by the swimming pool and the view of the sea.

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The kitchen and a small bathroom are placed on the left of the entrance, and the living room on the right. This arrangement facilities communication between the indoor and outdoor spaces and provides visual contact with the enviroment. The wooden stairs, appearing to float, lead to the second level, which accommodates the sleeping and relaxation areas. Their main feature is the ample glazing and transparent safety barriers, seamlessly blending with the exterior. On the southwestern side, the master bedroom continues in a panoramic terrace overlooking the lushislet of the area, abd the same view is enjoyed from the second bedroom and bathroom, equipped with large glazing on both sides.

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On the facade the interplay of the cortex steel horizontal linear elements and the stone vertical ones, is interrupted by wide openings. On the east side , the entrance arrea appears more cubic and solid, with the same material interplay and glass panels adding a lighter note. The composition is complete with the swimming pool, following the direction of the property, immediately adjacent to the barbecue and outdoor dining table under a metal pergola with moving shades. A lower level , next to the beach, accommodates the outdoor lounge and fireplace. Lighting design played an important part in underscoring the architectural and landscaping features, helping them to blend into the impressive scenery offered by the location.